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Entomo means “insect” – so naturally entomocosmetics are innovative skincare products made from the oils and nutrients of insects.

Common parlance has shortened entomo to simply ento for many insect food & feed products and brands, so you may also see this written as entocosmetics. Technically, though, the insect meaning is from the root entomo, which is why we’ve gone with the name entomobelle.

But whichever prefix you use to describe it, insects offer an incredibly eco-friendly ingredient base for natural beauty products.

Insect oil cosmetics are a unique new way to revitalize your skin helping you feel confident and sexy…but supporting insect brands is also helping create a greener, more sustainable planet.

According to the latest published statistics, there are 2,111 known types of edible insects. The most common species globally are crickets, mealworms, and black soldier fly larvae (BSFL), which are traditionally used as animal feed (but grubs are beginning to make their way into the food category as well).

The initial studies for insect oils in cosmetic use have focused around insects with a high fatty acid content, including grubs, caterpillars, and beetles.

The first known product on the market uses phospholipids from BSFL, similar to the first insect-based ice cream. This is an exciting new addition to the ento-space, bringing beauty products forward to build upon the foundational work already done with food, feed, and nutrient upcycling.


Oil from the grubs of black soldier flies has one of the world’s highest concentrations of lauric acid, the antimicrobial MCT fatty acid which gives coconut oil the myriad incredible health benefits.

Insects are also one of the world’s most sustainable protein sources for food and animal feed.

But they’re also the most efficient method of managing organic waste, upcycling the nutrients which would otherwise be releasing vast amounts of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGe).

Insects are able to turn that organic food waste into protein, lipids, and other byproducts such as nutrient-rich fertilizer.

Phospholipids are important for healthy cell membranes, and the oils from insects, such as BSFL, are high in beneficial omegas and other cell-building nutrients as well.

Natural, organic skincare and cosmetics are growing in popularity with health-conscious consumers, and the sustainability of beauty products is also a priority.


Entomocosmetics encapsulate the best elements of sustainable nutrient upcycling and create additional value-added products with alternative proteins.

The separation of the oils leaves behind highly nutritious insect meal which can then be used as feed for free-range poultry, egg production, and aquaculture.

The extracted insect oils, also known as lipids or phospholipids, are then mixed with other natural ingredients to create environmentally friendly and healthy skin lotions, serums, and other cosmetics. The base ingredient for Oricga is their trademarked Phosphosect insect oil.

While there is considerable R&D and testing still underway with regard to the most effective uses for insect oils as an organic skincare ingredient, laboratory and real-world use cases for cosmetic applications have produced positive results so far.

Products created include creams for stretch marks, hand cream, eye serum, anti-aging face lotion, lip balm, and more.

And the beautiful part is that all of those elements are made from only one primary component of the insect – the lipids.

Across the lifecycle of an insect like the black soldier fly, farms are able to upcycle organic waste, make highly nutritious, high-protein animal feed, and turn the excess frass into beneficial fertilizer.

Learn more about entomobelle or view the current entomo beauty products we have available, then contact us to get started with this groundbreaking addition to the clean beauty trend.


organic sea buckthorn oil + pure soldier grub oil

Available soon in North America, POINT68 (also written as .68) is a new all-natural insect oil skincare product developed by Entovegan’s Josh Galt and the world’s leading organic sea buckthorn company, Sibu Sea Berry Therapy.

POINT68 combines the world’s richest source of essential omega-7 potentency – Sibu T7 sea buckthorn oil – with lauric-acid rich soldier grub oil for the absolute best in sustainable, organic skincare!

Interested retailers and wholesale distributors please contact us using the form below or email sales@entomobelle.com.

With a target of launching in the spring of 2020 in the US and Canada, POINT68 will also be available worldwide, however due to covid-19 logistics challenges, delays may be incurred shipping outside of North America.

.68 insect beautyTo learn more about this exciting new product and subscribe for launch updates please visit the brand site at point68.com.


introducing .68 organic sea buckthorn + pure soldier grub oil


Looking for finished entomocosmetics products to customize for your premium clean beauty brand, or simply need large quantities of clean-fed BSFL lipids?

We can source them for you in the quantities required and according to the specific nutrient composition your product demands. Visit our ENTOMO BEAUTY PRODUCTS page to learn more.


Available right now in Asia, Oricga™ is the world’s first patented line of entomo beauty products, made from the lipids (oils) of Black Soldier Fly Larvae (hermetia illucens) fed on sustainable clean agrowaste.

It is grown in the NW region of Thailand in Chiang Mai, Oricga™ and has been in development for 5 years, perfecting the extraction and use of the black soldier fly larvae’s lipid content for rejuvenation of more youthful-looking skin.

The first Oricga™ entomo beauty cream is now available for worldwide distribution, or private label for your own brand needs!

The use of BSFL oils in a commercially available entomocosmetic product is now a reality, bringing the future of sustainable, natural insect-based skincare products into the present.

Please use the form below or contact us via email at sales@entomobelle.com for details.

  • World’s first patented entomocosmetic using Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) lipid extracts
  • Oricga™ is available for distribution worldwide or OEM for your own unique premium insect products & brand
  • Naturally produced with love in Thailand

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